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So long away. Making my way home.

I am missing my involvement with my blog and the few lovely readers I once had. I miss the creative or expressive outlet in a zone with no rules or expectations. And as I begin to near the end of my graduate program, I look forward to once again dancing and playing here!

I was so happily surprised when I just followed a link to a blog from LinkedIn and ended up on a blog mentioning TimeThief!! AH! The familiar name calls me back, alighting my wish to master the technical aspects of blogging (she’s an über expert! on top of an awesome heart!). So I look forward to dabbling in the midst of my thesis, perhaps using it to fill the need for an occasional break.

More on the thesis topic later… Overcoming, living with yet above the effects of incest!


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Oreo returns. Mending afoot.

Oreo came back.  But he wasn’t well.
He moved only very slowly.  His back permanently arched, in a position that shouldn’t have lasted.

Worry. And watch. 

And add on the worry that I should really be treating this as life threatening, I should be panicking…
— because what if it IS!?  LIFE Threatening, that is!

I feel that that is the right direction to lean. If in doubt.
SO off to the Emergency vet I went, I just couldn’t wait 4 more hrs for my vet.

Vet said he was hit by a car, mouthed aggressively by a dog, or had something fall on him. 
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Necessary Folk!

I admit I am still a baby blogger.  I am so new at this that I haven’t even had a first birthday .. and won’t count one until next summer… for meaningful blogging.  I am so new at this that I  did not FULLY realize the importance of my new friends that I have had the blessing of: bumping into, sharing comments with, exchanging nods of agreement and words of deep appreciation with. 
SOOOOOO… tonight I do one of my normal bops over to one of these dear new friends’ blog and…. OMG!!!  Gone!! NADA!  GONZO!  It isn’t there?  I’m in the zone of abandonment! It’s like finding out that not only has your best friend and her family left the state, but they took the house and land with them!!  arrgghhh

Okay.  Exaggerating.  Some.
And… I am quite sure that brightfeather is simply doing some re-designing.  I’m sure she will be back in fine form when she is done rearranging the furniture.  I’m sure her blog and she are just fine.  And will be Finer than ever upon re-emerging.

BUT my goodness… didn’t this just make me realize how precious these new friends are to me??  I realize that if Letters were to suddenly dump his entire blog… I might have to fly to Hamburg to find out what the heck was going on!  If MeLynn incinerated all of her blogged insights and pics of her pottery, then I might just have to go… wherever she is supposed to be to find out WTF!  If Richard disappeared… I’d have to find his sacred little path and make a nasty noise of disapproval in the midst of all that peace!!

Okay.  Maybe I wouldn’t do that.. I wouldn’t do the full-on stalker or disturber thing!!  But I would certainly be much less happy!  Much less the newly happy person I am, without these new dear friends along.  I owe a portion of my new found happiness to THEM!!  These are … folks to touch base with!  Folks who have touched my heart, and apparently have let me touch theirs..

Okay –here is Notification served:  Nobody do anything without first clearing it with me first.
Or telling me immediately afterward.
Or thinking twice.
Or… at least just sending me a “cool your jets” thought!!  😛

xxx terraflora ooo


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