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Reaching a mutual understanding

In the last few days I have begun suddenly to think that I was, instead of being too hasty, that I maybe I was reaching the point of ‘hanging on too long’ in regards to my elderly ailing beloved 15-1/2year old Sophie. I watched her yesterday – as I have been watching her closely over the past week or two. Asking her, sometimes out loud, “Is this too much, honey?” “Have you had enough?” But of course, no audible response came. And there was still detectible if subdued pleasure she experienced in my company.

So was my attention yesterday, while Sophie was occasionally moving from inside to outside, occasionally falling and being unable to pick herself up, and then she would wander a tiny portion of the yard – was she trying to decide whether the pain of crouching was worth the desire to defecate or urinate? Did she just collapse on her hind legs or did she mean to ‘take a break’ and sit a spell?

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H1N1 – Stay informed

Swine Flu Info

(This, above, is supposed to be a widget. I may be gettin’ a degree, but apparently that doesn’t help me with blog-like communications! :} )

So I find this informative:

Stay healthy, all! Warsh yer hands.

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Oreo returns. Mending afoot.

Oreo came back.  But he wasn’t well.
He moved only very slowly.  His back permanently arched, in a position that shouldn’t have lasted.

Worry. And watch. 

And add on the worry that I should really be treating this as life threatening, I should be panicking…
— because what if it IS!?  LIFE Threatening, that is!

I feel that that is the right direction to lean. If in doubt.
SO off to the Emergency vet I went, I just couldn’t wait 4 more hrs for my vet.

Vet said he was hit by a car, mouthed aggressively by a dog, or had something fall on him. 
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Many Anniversaries

  • I am free from sickness, brokenness and self-disdain – 6 mo anniversary
  • I am back in school and thriving! – 5 month anniversary
  • I am happy to feel being myself again! – 1 mo anniversary

Many small AND important points along the way…. 
I am so grateful to be in my own skin. I am happy again to be me! 
This is a familiar focus of gratitude, this recognition.  (But it  felt like I had forgotten it.  I just didn’t know how long it had been gone. It felt like a very long time.)
I once again look out from my own eyes and know that I not only am part of what I see, I also AM what I see. 
The boundary of “me” is not limited to my skin.
Everything that I experience as “out there” is also ME! 

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Still alive, thriving and striving!

YesYesYes… I am still in school full-time (although THAT was a close one!!), and I am loving (and hating) it!  I am also still employed and very grateful for my full-time paycheck, if not the full-time corporate subjugation! 
I am trying to find some spare time in which my brain doesn’t decide to completely shutdown and vegetate in hopes that I can write something here non-academic and, hopefully, of interest. (At least to me!)
Thanks for checking back in on me!  I hope to recompense your attention soon! 

Happy Longer Days!!!  (Up here in the northern hemisphere, anyway!)


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Psychopathy information and attention – means help and hope!

Gosh… I wish I had the time to take away from my studies to really do justice to honor and note what I am seeing in my too frequent and too brief distractions and visits to informative sites. 

These are some wonderfully helpful, informative and most-certainly very healing work/websites that I am finding more and more of showing up on the topic of sociopaths/psychopaths.  Perhaps we are coming to finally understand that they show up in all walks of life! And people need to know!
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This WAS the moment…

Mr. Obama’s awesome introduction to the rest of the country!!  I think this will be one for the history books, actually.

I’m pretty stunned with the reverberating, inspiring feeling-tone of this speech.  I think we are in for an exciting year!

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