I am: irreverent, pre-retirement, post-ministerial, grateful to regain my political hopefulness, currently a  resident of a cube farm.  BUT soon, I am moving toward living my own, my new, my real life.  (Damn I waited a long time!)  So… Now a grad student. I am back to school to pursue a radical change in my life, truly following my heart.  Funny thing is that “following my heart” feels an awful lot like doing what I have FUN doing!  I guess before… I didn’t really trust my sense of fun as also being an indicator of my bliss…  

So I do find it difficult to find the time to blog lately. However, I keep thinking I could use this space in service of a thesis!!  Yeah… well, recently I did that, and I crashed my computer, lost my post.  I guess I need to rethink that for a while!!  Universe saying ‘whoaa!’.

I do stand in wonder to see how we, as humans, heal in the wake of horrible loss, of unbelievable cruelty… How we make MEANING!  What a Huge power we hold there!!  

So I am ever investigating the workings of my own internal landscape and occasionally sharing the process and the journey as I heal, as I become whole, and as I “be human”, as one of my teachers would say! 

And all of this continuously evolves and evolves!  Today is not just a different yesterday!!  It is a whole new experience. 

I LOVE your being a part of my experience and my life.  If you find anything worthy of your time here, then I am blessed! 

And in all of  this… I thank God that for sanity’s sake I very often crack myself up!

Ya put your right foot in…<p><p>


2 responses to “terraflora

  1. Frank DeMarco

    October 10, 2007 at 5:44 am

    A friend just alerted me to your blog, which references hers and that of a mutual friend. I read a couple of those posts thinking “Who ARE you?” Especially the “Mirrors and Things we Learned” poem. Pretty amazing stuff.

  2. terraflora

    November 10, 2007 at 7:11 pm

    I still blush when I read this!! :}


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