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Deflation consciously engaged

InflationDistortionSeen1.psd – the ego puffery that is often needed or at least very useful for taking on a huge unbelievable task. Otherwise, we are so easily daunted and surrender before we start.

Overinflation – a condition that is rarely recognized in real time by its owner – not until a lancing event has occurred that pierces the hot air balloon of ego, and the deflation and loss of altitude has commenced.

Revelation – an activity of consciousness often coinciding with a near-deadly collision with the ground floor… Often occurring when waking up and looking around as the balloon is careening down from previous position. Often occurring as one is walking away from the high-speed collision with the earth (“reality”). ALWAYS FOLLOWS Humiliation

Trickster – The deliverer of unexpected events.

Devotion – the requisite payment of attention to Trickster required in order to enable the “unexpected event” to be a gift and not a catastrophe.

Integration – the time-bound process which weaves together the pain, the loss, the realizations into…

Wisdom – the residue of aforementioned Revelation and integration

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