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Happy Amazing Birthday!


How can I even know that this is an amazing year ahead? How can I get so excited at the turning of a year? I can’t possibly tell you “how”. I can’t possibly describe the knowing. I only know. I feel it viscerally, I know it in my body as well as in my mind and heart… the joy is in my cells…

OR… Maybe I can tell you that there is an amazing year ahead because I will have nothing less. I now know what I was made for. I now know what is my avocation as well as my vocation. I simply will not be dallying with any other forces.

(Okay.. on that note… I do have to be careful that I do not p*-off the authority figures that I need in this journey. Authority figures that feel it is in everyone’s best interest to subdue me, to ‘knock me down to size’, who apparently need me to act insecure. I don’t want to ACT the part of the scared, needy, and ignorant trainee. But I will need to act deferential, appreciative… Dear God, May this be the worst of the politics to come!)

There is a big (big) ((big)) change coming soon. I am wavering only in the precise timing, and in my trust of myself. But … I am soon to be responsible to no one but myself. I worry about this. I am soon to be needing to stay connected to humanity by other than ‘daily routine’ and habit. I worry about this. There is so much change and growth and Change ahead!! I am sure that it is a good thing that we cannot see all that we will face in our future. We would probably be scared off. But, Oh My Gawd. I cannot tell you how excited I am, how ready I feel, how RIGHT the fit is for this next chapter.

My Encore Career.

My Calling.

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