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Recently, very recently, I was finally convinced by a long-time friend to create an account on FaceBook. I was very resistant to these way-too-popular social networking sites due to the possible massive loss of privacy it represented to me. Why do we want to post everything about ourselves? The fragility of giving away of information that could in one moment be shared only between friends, but then is available to anyone!.. information which is never meant for another’s eyes.

But my friend pointed out the control I would (should) have on the display of my information. OH-KAY. WHAT THE HECK. I decided to create an account to stay in touch with her.

Now. What an onslaught of experiences I am having. In part I feel like some of my core ways-of-being in the world are being augmented, added to, or maybe it is challenged.

I have long recognized that I tend to be a type of person who maintains connections with friends for the duration that I am in regular contact with them. I have one close friend with whom I’ve maintained contact. And that is truly because she told me she wanted me to. (Otherwise, is it an esteem issue? Or simply a soul-style?)

Yesterday and today, I have spent time re-connecting with my next door neighbor from the time I was 10 to 16. He was a confidant, a friend, a co-conspirator, and we were simply growing up together. (How many pizzas did we order to be delivered to a neighbor?) One of the greatest realizations I’m having in all of this is the realization! that I was truly able to, I did!, have a male friend. I AM capable. I DO have memories, experiences that prove I was (and am) able. And talking / chatting with him is awakening a part of my life I’ve left behind, that I think I want to reconnect with.

This ability/tendency of mine to leave those behind when I leave situations is now somewhat in question. The emotions that are being stirred up by these simple posting exchanges catch my attention – deserve my attention. There is something there for me to learn from.



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