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Oreo returns. Mending afoot.

Oreo came back.  But he wasn’t well.
He moved only very slowly.  His back permanently arched, in a position that shouldn’t have lasted.

Worry. And watch. 

And add on the worry that I should really be treating this as life threatening, I should be panicking…
— because what if it IS!?  LIFE Threatening, that is!

I feel that that is the right direction to lean. If in doubt.
SO off to the Emergency vet I went, I just couldn’t wait 4 more hrs for my vet.

Vet said he was hit by a car, mouthed aggressively by a dog, or had something fall on him. 
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Cat. Gone. Waiting. What to do.

He didn’t eat every morsel last night.
He slept inside without complaint until very late in the morning.
He did not ask for breakfast.
He slipped outside with the dog,
I thought it’d be brief, assumed he would venture not far… and come back in.
If he wasn’t feeling well.

And now

Dear god!
How do you look for a cat
that doesn’t want to be found.
Could he really have gotten that sick? 


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