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Even when it’s good

How crazy is it that at the same time you can be realizing how blessed, lucky, fortunate, happy you are…. in that same moment or only a fraction of a second later the seemingly co-resident thoughts about how quite not perfect it is step into the light, fully grown?  How much there is still to worry about.  How much I could actually be blowing it, I just don’t know it yet. Blahdy blahddy blaaahhh

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On blogging and…divulging…

A great read: 

Exposed – What I gained — and lost — by writing about my intimate life online

Thanks to a new discovery:

Neurological Correlates blog

waving to all!!  tf



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Liminal time

I’m not gone. But sometimes I feel gone. At least from the places I started to establish myself, and wanted to grow and connect (like my blogging community), before I fell into the rabbit hole of Grad School!!  

AND… then again.. I feel like I am changing my very sense of place, my very sense of self, the very structure of my DNA… as if I am right now being sent through a transporter beam and I am just slowly looking down and finding myself more and more … “here”.  In a very new here, a very new place.  

(But part or most of my particles are still in the old place or en route. VERY odd!!  Very VERY odd!)

I love noticing things like this.   I hope that I am capturing this experience adequately.  <Don’t you sometimes wish you were…. photographic?>  How do you catch the “in between times”?  The Liminal time!!  We don’t have natural language for this!  Can I even hope to retrieve this experience in or near its fullness when that possible future someone is going through something similar, and maybe something I noticed or learned in the process could help?  Am I making sense of this experience in a way that is useful to myself? And Bonus: To others?

Class bright and early in the a.m.  Off to bed. Off to sleep… I hope!