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Many Anniversaries

  • I am free from sickness, brokenness and self-disdain – 6 mo anniversary
  • I am back in school and thriving! – 5 month anniversary
  • I am happy to feel being myself again! – 1 mo anniversary

Many small AND important points along the way…. 
I am so grateful to be in my own skin. I am happy again to be me! 
This is a familiar focus of gratitude, this recognition.  (But it  felt like I had forgotten it.  I just didn’t know how long it had been gone. It felt like a very long time.)
I once again look out from my own eyes and know that I not only am part of what I see, I also AM what I see. 
The boundary of “me” is not limited to my skin.
Everything that I experience as “out there” is also ME! 

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Still alive, thriving and striving!

YesYesYes… I am still in school full-time (although THAT was a close one!!), and I am loving (and hating) it!  I am also still employed and very grateful for my full-time paycheck, if not the full-time corporate subjugation! 
I am trying to find some spare time in which my brain doesn’t decide to completely shutdown and vegetate in hopes that I can write something here non-academic and, hopefully, of interest. (At least to me!)
Thanks for checking back in on me!  I hope to recompense your attention soon! 

Happy Longer Days!!!  (Up here in the northern hemisphere, anyway!)


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