Psychopathy information and attention – means help and hope!

12 Jan

Gosh… I wish I had the time to take away from my studies to really do justice to honor and note what I am seeing in my too frequent and too brief distractions and visits to informative sites. 

These are some wonderfully helpful, informative and most-certainly very healing work/websites that I am finding more and more of showing up on the topic of sociopaths/psychopaths.  Perhaps we are coming to finally understand that they show up in all walks of life! And people need to know!

But especially in the area of relationships, the attention and information is so greatly needed. People need to know that THEY PROBABLY COULD NOT have prevented the damage or effectively caught the deceiver in his lies.  At least I guess that is one thing that helped me so much…  to realize that these people get past professionals… why should I be immune?

But the work of these websites and individuals studying psychopathy and its symptoms, effects, signs… Well, I just can’t be grateful enough for the Light that is being shed on this topic.  And especially in the area of relationships, because we are at our most vulnerable when this damage is inflicted, and the information itself is so healing to those of us who find ourselves reeling and just desperately wanting to make sense of what is certainly so insane….  From blindsided to learning!

So my great and deep thanks for the ongoing work of, (thank you Donna, Dr Liane, now DrSteve), for the dedication AND for all of  information, support, wisdom and community. And to DrSteve for his devotion to making this information understandable in all of its breadth and depth…  I can only pray that my studies take me as far and as deep!!

But for now… I will keep trying to get my now-late term papers done!!  Maybe someday I can truly contribute myself!!



4 responses to “Psychopathy information and attention – means help and hope!

  1. brightfeather

    January 28, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    A man like this once possessed me. I got away with my life and thank God you got away too. ’nuff said

    Why sociopaths are hard to recognize

    1. They’re fluent talkers (liars). Even when caught in a lie, they change their stories without skipping a beat.

    2. They’re totally comfortable in social situations and cool under pressure.

    3. They use family or business connections to make themselves appear legitimate.

    4. They often become, or pretend to be, lawyers, physicians, teachers, counselors and artists. Most of us generally assume people in these positions are trustworthy.

    5. They’re happy to exaggerate—or fabricate—credentials. Few of us check their references.

    6. They will say absolutely anything—”I love you,” “You can trust me,” “I’ll never do it again.” The words, to them, mean absolutely nothing.

  2. rhapsodysinger

    March 16, 2008 at 11:06 am

    You know I am going to forward this post to some of the people and students I know…thanks for a great post…incidentally there is no way to really know one when one meets one. This sorta chills my bones…

  3. terraflora

    March 16, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks so much for stopping by rhapsodysinger! You have quite the hauntingly alluring site, yourself!
    Yes, I agree that the truth about this post subject is chilling. But I am forever grateful for the growing awareness.

  4. Jere

    October 18, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    I am a gay man this psycopath has controled my life for the last six years! I too am so Thankfull for all the info and for literaly slamming my head against the obvious. By putting a name or lable I am now able to understand my behavior because his is undisputable! With the stats. being questinable the truth is there are many more! From1 to the ends of the earth time and space!

    There is hope! Google (earth House )for treatment for the psycopath! But why/can they accept help If they can’t care?

    To know your enemy is to protect your self

    Sincerely Jere


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