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Stretch goals versus limits

How do we know?
The difference between what seems (to us, to society) to be reachable if occasionally unbelievable personal goals…
..versus physically, emotionally unreachable or at least currently unmanageable goals?

Our society loves setting goals, and loves those who reach them.  So… its not surprising that it is not too easy to find general support for figuring out when you’ve reached momentarily too far… and how to gracefully forgive yourself and back down.  If that is even appropriate.

What if we really do hit our limit in reaching for a stretch goal? What if we have underestimated the requirements, overestimated our abilities, but we still sit, too terrified to say we’ve rushed in too fast because, and we don’t know how to say. Oops.  Maybe not now.   
Besides, maybe, just maybe, we are just going through a normal scared patch. (How can we know?)  Maybe, just maybe, we will be able to look back on this and say “whew… didn’t think I’d make it.. but I DID”. 
But what if the panic and the physical and the internal responses threaten to unbalance everything?  I mean … everything. 
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Psychopathy information and attention – means help and hope!

Gosh… I wish I had the time to take away from my studies to really do justice to honor and note what I am seeing in my too frequent and too brief distractions and visits to informative sites. 

These are some wonderfully helpful, informative and most-certainly very healing work/websites that I am finding more and more of showing up on the topic of sociopaths/psychopaths.  Perhaps we are coming to finally understand that they show up in all walks of life! And people need to know!
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This WAS the moment…

Mr. Obama’s awesome introduction to the rest of the country!!  I think this will be one for the history books, actually.

I’m pretty stunned with the reverberating, inspiring feeling-tone of this speech.  I think we are in for an exciting year!

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