For another.

14 Nov

Grief and suffering. These experiences gained new meaning, a new reality, for me in the past few months.  I had not previously experienced anything that caused the kind of pain, suffering, grief…  I immediately realized that until now, I never knew what so many people experience regularly.

And now I stand as a distant observer of another’s anguish, disappointment, struggle and, above all, grief. 

How can we truly adequately be there for another?  When we can be with them in person, simply that is often a immense balm, just to BE in their presence.  And if we can be there for them by just listening… again, I know this to be so deeply healing. 

But… my heart has been affected by another and ‘all’ I have is a site on the web, a nom de net, and a handful of heartfelt brief exchanges.. What is it that I can do to serve this other soul?  In her time of being rent open.  How do I offer myself?
Because I know in my heart that we are all intimately connected within this fabric of consciousness… I know that my heart felt offerings (call them prayers, good thoughts, blessings) do find their target.  There is no distance in Spirit.  There is no separation.  I know that the Peace that is needed is known; I know that Grace is poured forth and received;  I know that Wisdom and Love lead and guide all hearts and minds in the tending to the duties called for.

I know that there is One Power, One Presence, One Life.  This is the Life that flows through and as this dear Friend right now.  I know that the Good, the Grace, and the Love that IS this One Presence is absolutely moving through her right now.  She is held in that One Life that is Grace itself. She IS the expression of that One Life, Peace and Wisdom. 
No separation.
No distance.
No absence.


Posted by on November 14, 2007 in Mystery, Relationships


3 responses to “For another.

  1. brighfeather

    November 15, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    One of the reasons I believe that continuing to be a blogger may not be what I’m suited to do is because of my inability to spontaneously compose and leave meaningful comments on blog posts.

    It takes me time to digest what has been said and to “look” at the issues from all sides and to “test” possible responses before I develop what it takes to express an opinion of any kind. By the time I reach that point and, I admit there are times that I never do, the posts are stale dated and many new issues have arisen.

    I have always experienced difficulty with being as forthcoming about my personal life. I was raised in isolation and I have always been slow to make new friends. I cannot make a friend either in my everyday life or online until we build a level of trust and confidence that allows me to open up and to participate in intimate communication.

    Aside from that I have a now have a new inhibition when it comes to creating online intimacy. My recent experience has proven that one can build a relationship with a cyber pal communicating on an almost every day basis and then experience them evaporating into cyberspace without a word of warning.

    Like you, I also know in my heart of hearts that all are intimately connected … All My Relations. There is no separation – no distance – no absence – we are one in the fabric of consciousness.

    Without doubt your heart offerings are reaching me during this time of grief and suffering. Thank you for your graciousness. I appreciate it very much.

    {she bows} Namaste

  2. terraflora

    November 16, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    If I have in any way inferred ‘pressure’ to post or to reply, I rescind totally.
    I do still wholeheartedly thank you for what you do share, what you do express, what you have responded to. It is about Who You Are that I am so grateful for. It is what simply comes across, not about what you do for me (or anyone else). xxx

  3. brightfeather

    November 16, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    You have in no way inferred any pressure to post or to reply. Any pressure I feel is coming from within me. It’s seated in feelings of inadequacy.

    I was deeply touched by both of your posts and your comments on my blog. I’m grateful that we found each other.



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