Rankings of the APD

29 Sep

Yes… I’m going to have to acknowledge once again that I am apparently still in recovery, as I am taking uncharacteristic (well, it was uncharacteristic until Aug 30!) pleasure in someone else’s google results. Today I take particular joy in the results of a quoted search for the APD (antisocial personality disorder) ex.  Put his name in quotes and result #3 points back to summaries here <wild applause>, and result #4 points to the delightfully formatted, and factual expose of Mr. APD.  “Will Creed”!!  Search, people, search!!    Women are being saved!!  <ok.. off of my grandstand>

(Added a few hours later:  Don’t even worry about the quote marks!!!!)

10/1: sigh…  Google is fickle!  I thought it was long in figuring out its results.  Joy is dampened.  But at least the DDHG and Womansavers links are still high!

And a momentary acknowledgment to searchers from SL.  Be safe.  Guard your heart.  (Thank god, this N or S APD isn’t after your money.  He just needs the stimulation which you provide, which others of us have provided…)  BUT take care.  Your heart is precious and that is what he will use and then….

Well… You no longer can be blindsided.  Your radar is now equipped.  And if you choose to press on, with your radar ping volume turned way down, then ENJOY, savour it…  NOW…  With the eyes that cannot now fully close.

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Posted by on September 29, 2007 in no conscience, recovery, Relationships


One response to “Rankings of the APD

  1. Nina Ferrell

    October 12, 2007 at 7:49 am

    Because they are mirrors, the moment you feel less, are no longer so involved, so passionate about his phone calls, his emails, he will pull back. He NEEDS the words of love, – he is like a reptile on a cold stone, waiting for the warmth of the sun.
    And when the sun no longer shines, he will look for another sunrise.


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