What a difference a day (or ….a soul) makes…

15 Jun

… suddenly… we are fortunate enough to find ourselves engulfed in good souls. Good hearts. Good intellects!! From the quagmire and despondency of the previous weeks, this, I must point out, is a blessing. A Blessing. A Spark that Cleaves to our soul!

((Okay. so the crap that has been happening… the atmosphere, the hopelessness, and the mandates.. I admit my complicity of not being able to propose a better approach. Or confront authority. What is it? Primarily the first.))

We now have tangible progress under our belts as well as in our sights. We know what we are doing and where we are going, and for once… it feels feasible!

And I have to give great thanks for the experience of the last few days. Minds are released and unstrung. Hearts beat joyfully. Laughter is created. And enjoyed. By all.

What makes the difference? Vision. Deep belief. Connections. A joyful heart.
My heart soars. I honor you L.S.
I thank you for the blessing you are to my heart.
Regardless anything else.
You bless.
My heart.


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