Ignorance on your part does not equal…

15 Jun

…a freak-out panic, I-have-to-make-your-hallucination-true emergency on mine!Corporations.Managers.Wholey Chrap! Their brains work positively differently than ‘normal people’!! Especially those managers who are ‘bonus level’/director/avp. Those who are probably gonna get a nice bonus if we meet the project deadline that THEY set. (The people doing the work did estimates, but that turned out to be “just nice, thanks honey” news to them. Their deadline won. And it smacks of calendar-goal-bonus related!) Okay, I have to admit to our complicity. (Learned helplessness?) After trying to talk and complain about what was wrong with the schedule vs. the amount of work, how unrealistic it was, how we didn’t have enough bodies… Well, too many of us just got too frustrated. We reached that valve-shut-off point… and we simply resigned ourselves. Maybe we still care… but we don’t care if we miss the freakin deadline. So now.. we simply keep doing the work that is in front of us to do. The fact that management says, ‘well, we know, it’s a risk, it’s tight’ does not assuage! Because this is joined with ‘you just keep at it ‘honey’. Then we’ll see what happens.’ (Okay.. they don’t actually use the word honey. But why is it that I feel like I’m having my hand patted as I’m summarily dismissed?)And that “we’ll see what happens” has now been translated in my brain as Do Not Give Yourself An Ulcer! (The PTB would NOT like me telling myself that!! hehe)

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Posted by on June 15, 2007 in corporate life, groupthink, Quandaries


One response to “Ignorance on your part does not equal…

  1. terraflora

    October 23, 2007 at 6:53 am

    Sorry. Picture gone. Too many hits for that alone. I will sadly have a lower hit count, but maybe now I will trust why any hits happen.


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