Monthly Archives: May 2007

It Matters..

It matters, what each of us thinks, what each of us cares about. It matters… and it is seems at times so overwhelming… all the different things to care about.
In ferreting through all of the important cares that I could perhaps focus on here… my mind whirls. I agonize. I want to land on something “nice”. But I’m inflamed by what I’ve read or learned and think I should vent.
What serves us? Finding others to gripe with? Finding others who might motivate us to take action in areas of concern? Finding someone who gives us a bit of joy? If someone makes us laugh, is that any less healing then joining a march? Are we healing our world any less with a laugh than with a raised sign?
How important is it that we laugh? I have a suspicion that it is immensely important!

I have a tiny ember of a hope that I can serve my co-earth-habitants with laughter.

Right now I am experiencing an extreme (and I restrain the need to set that word at 56 pt font!) amount of stress at work. My self-employed boyfriend questions the motivation and manipulation of ‘the establishment’. He’s currently 2500 miles away, but it isn’t that distance that makes it interesting to try to explain corporate life to him. It is the fact that he has been self-employed for about 30 years, and the way the Corporation behaves and treats its own has changed so drastically mostly in the past 10-20 years.

As I talk about how I could almost care less about the corporation (don’t get me started), about the ‘project du jour’, what I DO care about is the folks I work with. My colleagues whom I like, love, adore, appreciate… these are the exact folks that I dread the possibility of letting down. These are the exact folks that ’cause’ my stress. BUT as I explain this situation to my bf, I begin to see an analogy that he also starts picking up on: In the same way that soldiers are deeply dedicated to fighting a war, to going back to a war, to not leaving a war .. it is NOT about the war. It is NOT about the issue on the political table. It IS about our buddies. It IS about staying by their side, about not letting them down, about not letting their price be for naught.